Our cars

The R type was the fastest and most comfortable four door saloon of its era, capable of over 100 miles an hour. It was the first Bentley to be fitted with a standard steel body as opposed to the traditional bespoke coachwork of previous models.

Although the colour is not the original grey, the car has been this elegant shade of cream for well over 30 years, making it a perfect wedding choice.

This car is a wonderful example of true 1950s luxury and comfort and has had only two privileged owners from new. The car can seat three in the back and one in the front plus the driver.

The Riley RMD represents the last of the traditional ash framed coachwork cars and they were produced from 1945 until 1952. The Saloons were often used by the police because of their power and good handling capabilities. The Dropheads were much rarer with only some 500 being made, most of which were exported to the USA.

This specific model is a roomy four seater tourer drophead with ample space when the hood is up or down.

In 1932 a lady from Grimsby commissioned this car fitted with bodywork by leading coachbuilder Thrupp and Maberly. Each car was uniquely designed with the interior built to the individual specification of the owner.

This model, an Enclosed Drive Limousine, was built specifically to be chauffeur driven and has a glass partition, affording extra privacy for the passengers. It also has the addition of two folding occasional seats and as a result can accommodate six passengers plus the driver.

The car is in its original colours of ivory and black making it a perfect wedding choice and comes from a period in which the Rolls Royce came to be known as ‘the best made car in the world’.