About us

We pride ourselves on a very high standard of service and like to think that we go the extra mile to make every journey special.

Our cars are dressed with fresh flowers and ribbons and can be colour co-ordinated at no extra charge.

Each car carries bottled water and an emergency hamper containing a first aid kit and a wide assortment of items to cater for any situation (spare tights, needle and cotton, safety pins, nail varnish, etc), White umbrellas are also carried in case of rain.

Our cars are kept in excellent condition with regular mechanical services and are polished for every event.

We rehearse the route prior to the wedding date to ensure that there are no road closures or potential problems that need to be allowed for. The cars are driven by professional, friendly and smartly dressed chauffeurs who will transport you in style.

It is our policy to guarantee that each car hired will only be used for one wedding on that day. Therefore you are free to take as much time as you would like and as many photos of our cars as you wish.

We are more than happy for you to come and view the cars, please telephone 01962 760 254 for an appointment.

I have been brought up with old cars and have owned several at different times of my life. My father was a great enthusiast and competed in the Monte Carlo Rally in the 1930’s and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me.

I was very close to my older cousin Roland who collected Lagondas and he encouraged me as a young man by giving me my first vintage car, a Humber Snipe 80 Saloon, taking me to hill climbs and race meetings. He very kindly bequeathed me one of his cars on his death but sadly it had been sold just a few months earlier. Luckily the proceeds enabled me to start my own collection.

Roland Drove me and my wife to our wedding in his Rolls Royce and to start a wedding car business seemed appropriate. This has enabled me to add to my collection and keep the cars maintained to the high standard they deserve.